Incentives, Milestones, Mini Goals

So, and I really need y’all to understand this, the goal weights might be going away towards the end of my journey. See, I’m adding in weights and really, a girl that weighs 150 and doesn’t lift doesn’t look as good as a girl who lifts and weighs 160/170 – at least in my opinion. So, as I lose the flop gut, back fat, unshapely ass and flabby thighs, I may start going more for how I look and feel and less for how I weigh.

However, I’m at least 70 pounds from even thinking about dropping the pound goals. So, for the next 6-8 months, this is what I’ll be following:

  1. Tattoo: I have a weight loss tattoo going. You can find a pic from a last summer post. What I got done was the 10 pound mark. 30 pounds down and I’ll bring it to a little above my knee. 50 pounds down will bring it to my hip. 70 pounds down and it’ll go up my abdomen. 90 pounds down it’ll go up my ribcage. 111 pounds down and I’ll finish it up. I’m not sure how I’ll finish it. I’m thinking of having it run down the back of my arm. We’ll see.
  2. 20 pounds down celebratory something.  Was too busy. Total non-event.
  3. 30 pounds down me thing. Spa day, massage, mani/pedi, whatever. Was too busy. Total non-event.
  4. 50 pounds down me thing. New Clothes! But not a lot, still have a long way to go.
  5. 75 pounds down me thing. Weekend to myself.
  6. 95 pounds down. Weekend to myself.
  7. Goal. Celebratory dinner, new wardrobe, finish tattoo, start working on serious toning get ready for the rest of my life as a skinny bitch.
  8. Boobs. I want implants. So, after I loose, and keep the weight off for 6 months to however long it takes me to save the money, I’m getting boobs.

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