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So. I Joined a gym

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Rambling, The Plan, Updating

We had Planet Fitness move up here a bit ago.

I know it’s not the best gym out there, and that I’m probably going to be working out with a ton of senior citizens, but I don’t even care.

It’s $20 a month for unlimited equipment use, classes, personal trainer help, tanning and massage chairs. And, and I can bring someone with me.

And, before y’all go off on the evils of tanning, I’m not excited about the vanity bits of tanning. I’m excited to see if it helps with my sun allergy. The longer I’m in Alaska, the worse it gets. I have to wear SPF 50 or higher and reapply every hour or hello painful hives. I ‘m hoping that getting in the tanning bed a few minutes every few weeks will help lessen the UV shock to my system in the summer.

Anyway. Back at IP and now adding fitness.

Woo. Look at me go.


I had an idea come to me when replying to a comment.

I might just have two SSBs jars going. When I get to my $100/$150 limit, I’ll decide what I’m feeling like spending out of it.

Sometimes, a cheap $20 necklace or a quiet minute in a coffee shop while spending no more than $10 is just the reward I need.

Anything I don’t spend will go into the other jar and be not be touched until the whole thing is over and I’m totally done. Then, it will go towards my new wardrobe.

‘Cuz honey, I have great tastes in clothing, but don’t have the figure for what I like. I’mma need extra cashy moneys to help fill my empty, empty closet.

OH MY WORD! JUICE!! We’ll have to go shopping together for new clothes!! It’ll be awesome!! Cannot wait.

(rare “girl” moment over, back to your day)

I’m talking, of course, about my “I’M TOTALLY GONNA DO IT THIS TIME” weight loss approach.

This time I have accountability to someone I really don’t want to let down, aside from myself. Hell, it’s not like I’ve followed through for myself, so I guess “Accountable To Me” isn’t a good thing for me. This time, I have Juice. And, this time it’ll actually happen. I totally heart Juice. She’s more than my girl, she is my spirit animal.

Okay, so that’s going a bit far, but Juice is a bit more than just a derby sister. I love this girl to death, and her girlfriend they totally rock. For whatever reason, walking the same path: start weight, goal weight, what we’re doing to lose weight – all being the same, and having accountability to Juice, makes me want it more. Well, not want it more, but work harder for it, I guess.

Seriously, our start weights were within a pound of each other, and we’ve been losing almost the same amount of weight at the same time. It’s awesome. Well, was awesome. I cheated and ate a few homemade doughnuts this weekend which gave me the Ideal Protein two day later gain. Pft.

Anyway, what we’re doing is reporting weekly weigh-ins to each other, and any cheating we do. We’re doing Ideal Protein since we both had amazing results with it before. Neither of us phased off of it like we were supposed to, so this time we’re doing it right.

We figure 3 pounds a week is a good average for what we’ll lose and are going for a 7.5 month time-frame, plateaus aside, of course.

Also, I’ve resurrected these:

Pounds Found Pounds Lost Where they live


Got the decorative bead jars dusted off and back up and running. A recap for those who don’t remember what they are: one jar has a bead for every pound I’m looking to lose. As I lose weight, I move one bead for every pound lost.

I also think I’m going to start up “Skinny Bitch Bucks (SBBs)” again. Everyday I follow IP, to the letter, I will toss in one SBBs, if I do more than 45 minutes of exercise then I’ll toss in three SBBs. Once I get to $100 (if I don’t work out much, $150 if I workout a lot) I get to spend the equivalent in real cashy moneys guilt free.

You’ll also notice a new tab at the top of the site. I’m starting a new page called “The List”. After I cheated Juice and I talked and what we’re going to do about being tempted to cheat, ‘cuz, it will happen. We’re each going to make a list of stuff we would have cheated for, then, at our WE DID IT dinner, we’ll make our menu off of our respective lists. It will be a bad food dinner to top them all. Stoners will have eaten healthier.

So, there’s those things.

Here’s to the next seven months.

OH! Also, I put in notice. Once Hellian starts kindergarten, I’m done working. A HUGE source of my stress, and stress eating, is caused by my job. I hate being an office bitch. I trained as a chef. I love everything about a kitchen, the heat, fast pace, chaos, the artistry in creating foods…. all of it. Working on an office, is slowly killing my soul. I hate it, I really, really do. The count down starts! Six weeks left. WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting Stats

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Stats, The Plan, Updating
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The last time I took stats was back in January, so the numbers are a little weird. I didn’t measure last Monday morning when Juice and I started our IP journey again, so I’m just using the old numbers. The weight though, that’s starting weight from last Monday to today (forgot to weigh in yesterday. Oops. Purple marks the low numbers, from here on in the right column should be purple across the board.



Calves: 18.0″ from 17.1″
Thigh: 28.5″ from 27.2″
Hips: 47.0″ from 46.2″
Waist: 50.0″ from 46.0″
Chest: 42.0″ from 39.5″
Bicep: 17.5″ from 16.5″
Shoulders: 50.5″ from 48.1”
Neck: 15.75″ from 15.3”
Weight: 239.9 from 246.2

Yay’s and Meh’s:

Yay’s: Back at it with renewed hope, vim and vigor.

Meh’s: Cheated this weekend. However, since I really don’t want to report a cheat to Juice, I’m unlikely to do so again.

  1. Do not go in a grocery store more than twice a week. ~ Yep!
  2. Follow IP ~ Nope, cheated
  3. Pack lunch the night before, so it’s not a mad dash in the morning. ~ Nope
  4. Get the “common areas” of the house dinner party clean” ~ No.
  5. Get all the laundry done. ~ Nope


I’m gonna stick with it. I like the plan, I love what I’m allowed to eat. I don’t feel well after I eat a bunch of fatty/carb heavy/sugared up foods anyway…. so… I’m going to stick with it, but give myself a little leeway if I don’t stick with it for Christmas dinner.

Being a whiny, bitchy, snot is not going to fix anything.


This year I have a few long term goals, and so help me, I will reach them:

  1. Stick with IP to the awesome end
  2. Get $10,000 in our OH SHIT fund
  3. Get $10,000 in our savings
  4. Get a decent shortish term investment account going
  5. Get our house de-hoarded
  6. Figure out how to de-stress my life

I’ll try to post updates every week on how the goals are coming. Or, if I’m honest, I’ll post whenever I remember / have something to report.

Aaaannnnnddddd, I’m to lazy to look.

I havent’ made any real decisions regarding IP. I do know there was a noticeable reduction in my stress level when I, intentionally, didn’t follow IP this weekend.

I’m going to give it today and tomorrow and then make my decision.

Well, I’m trying to decide whether or not to delay IP for a while.

These holidays are nothing but stress, and I’ve only gotten past one small one (Thanksgiving) with the biggest still looming (Christmas).

I don’t feel like dealing with everything that comes with the holidays. I just don’t. I’m still lost and I’m still not sure I can ever get over/past what happened last year. The holidays are a time that I find it incredibly difficult to keep up the fake “Everything awesome and I’m doing fine, life is a joy” line. And, not sticking to IP is just causing more stress. Along with making me feel like a failure for not being able to cope with my stress.

I don’t want to stop, but I’m not sure I can handle the added stress right now. Food has always been a comfort thing. Goes back forever.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just do IP for breakfast, lunch and snacks but eat regularly for dinner.