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That’s really the tract my weight loss has followed.

It all started about a 100 years ago when I lost about 60 pounds doing Atkins. Learned super quick that low carb was totally for me. I could live without pasta and bread, I couldn’t live without bacon.

Like I said, I lost about 60 pounds doing that. Kept it off too. Well, minus the 10 pound gain back after eating normally again. And okay, it wasn’t 100 years, that just might have been an exaggeration. It was probably more like 10 years ago.

Then, in 2013, when I really count this journey starting, I was trying the calorie counting route. Blerg. It was all egg whites and turkey bacon and steamed broccoli and chicken breast only. I went to culinary arts, man. I know how to make food taste amazing. And it’s not by watching how many calories are in it.

About 2 months into what I call Calorie Counting Ickyness, Ideal Protein became a thing. I saw how it worked for a lot of people and I hopped right up on that wagon. It totally works. If you have the extra money and mindset to stick to it – it allows for absolutely zero cheating – I suggest doing it. Only problem was that it really isn’t geared for people who are active. I wasn’t looking to just get skinny, I wanted to be fit too. (Hey, if you’ll notice I changed the title of this blog from “Skinny” to “Fit” – nice yeah?)

So, I kinda followed IP and it did work, but I wasn’t happy because I did not have the energy I needed to work out. So, I lost about 40 pounds doing it, gained back 10 when I added in carbs and normal eating.

Seeing the 10 pound gain back pattern? I did! Good reference for when I was all about the number on the scale. Set my goal for 10 pounds less than I actually wanted to weigh so I’d be at goal with the gain back.

Anyway, my super awesome friend Juice/Jen and I decided to go back on IP and keep each other accountable. Sadly, it didn’t stick, but I did get a copy of the IP for Athlete’s plan out of that endeavor. This allowed, like, half a serving of dairy, whole grain carbs and fruit along with the standard plan. I liked this. My body needed the extra natural sugar and carb boost for fitness. That lasted a good chunk into 2014 before I got tired of the extra cost of IP foods.

Around the end of April 2014 I found the best thing ever for keeping me accountable in weight loss. Diet Bet. I will now and forever sing the praises of – Holy Hell, will I never stop loving that whole deal! You have to put up your own real cashy money and either lose 4% of your body weight in a month or 10% in 6 months. It’s super simple, everyone who reaches the goal splits the pot, those who don’t reach their goal, get nothing. Amazing motivation to stick with your plan. And, I’ve made (actually made, as in not counting the money I put up) around $500. Keeping it all in the bank and going to use it for new clothes!!

Using what I learned about watching carb gram counts from Atkins and cutting out fatty stuff from IP I came up with my own eating plan. And, it’s not a diet, it’s a total eating makeover. Totally easy for me to stick to as well, I mean, there are days when the doughnut spread at work is super tempting, but for the most part, it’s not a struggle to stick to it.

Wanna know what I’m doing?

Of course you do.

Here goes. In a day I can have:

  1. As much lean protein as I want – cooked healthy – no frying!
  2. As many veggies as I want – cooked healthy – steamed, roasted
  3. One cup of tea or coffee and one cup of milk (I drink unsweeted almond) then nothing but water. NOTHING but water. I can toss some lime or lemon in if I want, but that’s it.
  4. At least 10 8oz glasses of water – I usually blow this out of the water by 11am.
  5. One serving of whole fruit – it has to be low carb/high fiber fruits: berries, avocado, apricots, lemon, lime ect.
  6. One serving of whole grain based carbs, two servings if I’m working out that day
  7. No added sugar foods
  8. Low carb whey protein powder or similar high protein/low carb drink for 2 of my three snacks out of the day – or any time I feel hungry and it’s not a meal time
  9. 90% of my fat from healthy sources – avocado, olive oil, unsweetened nut butter, nuts ect. (I say 90% because sometimes I just need bacon)

My workout day menu typically looks like this:

Breakfast:                  1-2 eggs, 2-3oz turkey sausage, 1/2c oatmeal, 1/4 berries, 2ish oz milk, coffee/tea w/milk

Mid Day Snack:         Protein shake or drink

Lunch:                       Lean protein – typically baked, and veggies – typically steamed – As much as I want

Post Wkout Snack:    Dave’s Killer Bread: 21 Grain, 2 tablespoons unsweetened nut butter, protein drink

Dinner:                      Same as lunch

Water Consumption: About 90-150 ounces. Seriously. I have a giant pink water bottle that is 70oz, I drink almost 2 a day.

Non workout days I typically have my carb at dinner – baked sweet potato (NO sweetener) or whole grain dinner roll or small serving of potatoes ect.

Now, I do have a sweet tooth flare up once in a while. And man, the doughnut spread in the Cafe…. dude. I’m there when they get dropped off. The boxes are still warm, the glaze still dripping, and smelling like they just came out of the fryer….. Yeah, it gets tempting. The protein powder I use is much sweeter than I like, so I’ll have a little bit to kill the sweet tooth at work, at home I’ll have a piece or two of Russel Stover’s sugar free candies. So good and a few pieces will not kill your carbs for the day.

Working out followed an evolution as well.

Started with DVD’s at home. Loved The Biggest Loser work out DVD’s. Pretty sure there’s a post forever ago about my love affair with them. The DVD’s were great and so was the treadmill and elliptical I had at home.

Then after about 6-8 months of doing the stuff at home, I joined Planet Fitness. I know there is a ton of Planet Fitness hate out there. But seriously?! Just ‘cuz you think the “Lunk” thing is bullshit or are a total CrossFit snob , doesn’t mean you need to get down on people joining any kind of gym. And yes, by hatin’ on the gym, you really make the people who use it feel like you’re looking down on them too. Anyway, I digress. I joined Planet Fitness and found the elliptical. Loved the elliptical. Rocked that bitch for about a year. I did trow in a class or two with the trainer at PF, but I totally cardio bunnied it up in there.

After I talked with the trainer at PF and he explained that burning calories doing cardio vs. lifting weights was like feeling full by eating soup vs. oatmeal. One lasts a lot longer than the other. So, I started with weight machines. Do the row of leg machines and elliptical one day, row of arm machines and elliptical the next day, do the circuit area and elliptical one day…

And on and on and on.

Let me tell you, there is some weight to be moved using machines. But then I took the next evolutionary leap. See, using the machines really doesn’t push you. It’s a start, but you work so much less because you don’t have to use a million other little muscles to keep form. I can do, like, 65 pounds for flies on the machine, but like 20 with free weights, and I hurt so much more when I use the free weights.

So, with the help of a few friends who have gone down a similar path with weight loss/getting toned, a trainer and Fitness Buddy (totally worth the money to buy the app) I now sit down at the beginning of my week and map out what muscle groups I’m doing on what days and make sure I have five balanced days scheduled out.

After moving to free weights, I totally get the whole “Oh Damn, leg day was yesterday. I can’t even sit to pee today” thing.

I mentioned earlier about when I was only worried about the number on the scale. To a degree, I still am. I figure I have about 40-50 pounds before I quit worrying about the scale and worry only about the mirror. See, a girl who doesn’t lift and is 5’5″ at 130 pounds won’t look at good as a girl who lifts and is 5’5″ and tips at 160.

Don’t want to be skinny, want to be fit.


So, best thing about all this?

The energy and endorphin spike I get from eating right and working out.

It totally rocks.


Sorry it’s been so long. Life and all.

Big Yays – 20 pounds down since the begining of May – So that’s good. Only 10 more pounds to get my tattoo expanded!!

But, today, boys and girls, lets talk about what stress does to us.

We all have stress hit in different ways, and while I would love to be the person that has stress hit and can’t eat and winds up cleaning non-stop, I’m not. Well, not all the time at least. Well, not the cleaning bit. I do get so stressed that 500 calories in a day is about the max I can handle. But, mostly I get super stressed and I eat terrible food and want to hide under a blanket and marathon bad TV.

Now, it’s been a while since I had a bout of really bad stress, or at least stress that pushed me to that point. Usually it’s just the run of the mill, pissy attitude and super short temper type of stress.

You know, let me lay some background for you.

I took this summer off to play around and have fun. I always planned to go back to a professional kitchen when Hellian reached full day school. That time has come. I was talking to a friend who told me to apply at the hospital to cook there. Come to find out two of my friends from Culinary are working there too. After doing a lot of thinking, I realized something. This would be it. This would be the last job I looked for so long as I lived in Fairbanks. Shy of opening my own restaurant, this would be the 20 year job for me.

Had the interview yesterday and after talking to them, it seems wonderful. It’s the perfect mix between standard mass production cooking and running your own show in restaurant kitchen. I was excited about the health benefits (our $690/month out of pocket health insurance fee is killing us) but they have a ton of awesome benefits outside that. They partner with the movie theater, a fuel company, AT&T and a ton more to get us breaks on a bunch of stuff. But really, I couldn’t care less about the fringe benefits. I WANT TO GET IN THAT KITCHEN!!!

Anyway, I submitted my application and for the week and a half it took them to call for an interview I was a nervous psycho mess. I would check the online status of my application about, oh, IDK, an average of 20 times a day. Seriously. Not even kidding. Then I got the call and the interview set up. The next 18 hours were spent with me so wigged that I could not eat. Now, in the last 24 hours I went from “coming to” with terrible food in my hand/mouth to being so stressed that my stomach is growling I’m so hungry but absolutely nothing looks or tastes good. I mean, I sit down to eat and I just can’t.

Stress can do some terrible things to us. Send us into some wicked mood swings. It would be so easy if we could just talk ourselvs out of whatever the issue is. Yes, once the stressed bit of our life moves on the problem doesn’t seem that bad. But man, there is just no help for it when it’s right over our head. For a long time I tracked (daily) Yesterday’s calories, stress level exercise and both quality and quantity of sleep – alongside that day’s morning weight. What did I find you ask? Well, I found that if I was stressed or didn’t sleep well the day before, I had a weight gain the next day. But, it’s not just the gain that’s a downer. It turns into this whole self replicating deal – stress leads to poor sleep leads to weight gain leads to lower self esteem leads to less positive thoughts leads to inability to perk yourself up leads to inability to mentally bring yourself above what’s stressing you leads to more stress leads to poor sleep ….. and on and on and on.

In short? Stress sucks.

Tune back in next week kids when I tell you all about the Holy Grail of keeping yourself on track with your weight loss.


I know I’ve said before that I wasn’t going to have a scale in the house. That I would drive myself nuts and I was only going to step on a scale once a week at TOPS.

Well, I went out and bought one. A nice one. It’s all digital and tells you all sorts of things, like how hydrated you are, your body fat percentage bone density and a bunch of other things.

What I’ve been doing is stepping on everyday right after I shower. I’m tracking my daily weight in relation to the food I ate and my emotional status the day before, as well as the the quality and quantity of sleep I had the night before.

The trick, and this is what I’m having a hard time with, is still only really looking at the weight number as the weigh in once a week. Our weigh can, and will, change by up to a few pounds each day. It’s really easy to get discouraged if I’m three pounds heaver because of water retention or poor sleep than I was the day before. And, it’s likely that it’ll be gone the next day.

So, we’ll see, I’m hopeful.

  • Calves: 17.7″ from 17.1″
  • Thigh: 27.7″ from 27.6″
  • Hips: 46.5″ from 46.1″
  • Waist: 47.0″ from 45.0″
  • Chest: 39.3″ from 39.5″
  • Bicep: 16.6″ from 16.1″
  • Shoulders: 49.5″ from 48.5”
  • Neck: 16.1″ from 15.4”
  • Weight: 234.0 from 233.6

Yay’s: TMI ALERT!!! It was that time of the month. So, I tend to bloat up and retain water. I’m very seriously considering not weighing in or posting a stats that week out of every month.

Meh’s: Still not following my new 1200 calorie plan. Did no working out. At all.

  • At least 75% of the time I spend watching TV will be spent on the treadmill. ~ Did NOTHING!
  • Do not go in a grocery store more than once a week. Even then, if it’s not on the list, I don’t buy it. ~ No.
  • Work on De-Hoarding our house, get rid of extra clothes, get organized. ~ A forever work in progress.
  • Get up every weekday morning and exercise. ~ Stopped doing this. Will start again this week.
  • Get house “Dinner Party” clean. ~ I get it there, it’s keeping it there that’s the problem.
  • Get a bunch of “Grab and Go” healthy food put together. ~ No.
  • Pack lunch the night before, so it’s not a mad dash in the morning. ~ Nope.
  • Even out my calorie intake. ~ No.
  • Burn 600 calories a day. ~ No.
To be honest, I haven’t been working towards my goals and not really anything. I’ve also hit this block. I can’t seem to break 230. I had hoped to break it last weekend, but did not. I’d like to blame it on TOM, but, well, see my last post.
I’d like to say I’ll break it this week. But, to do that I’ll have to break my weigh once a week rule since we’re heading out of town and I won’t be weighing in at TOPS.
Although, I’ve kind of been toying with the idea of buying a good bathroom scale and weighing everyday. I’m not doing it to compare my weight day to day, but day to same day the previous week. Also, I’d like to keep track everyday in a calendar along with other info, like how much I slept the night before as well as the quality of sleep. And, I’d like to compare how my weigh changes to how I ate and how much water I drank the day before. I just figure it’d be interesting to see how it all affects my weight form day to day and week to week.
Later y’all.

So, I got a new tattoo.

It’s the Deadly Nightshade plant.


(Sorry this isn’t the best picture. It was taken the morning after the tattoo was done so it’s all red. And plasma-y so it’s kind of shiny.)

So, this goes 2/3’s  up my calf.


Here’s the goal timeline:

  • 10 Pounds Down:   Start tattoo
  • 30 Pounds Down:   Just above knee
  • 50 Pounds Down:   To Hip
  • 70 Pounds Down:   Up back to shoulder blades
  • 80 Pounds Down:   Down the back of my Bicep (?), Over my shoulder (?), Down my ribcage (?) Not sure which one yet. Or, maybe nothing at all.


Here’s the timeline if I continue to lose 1.5 pounds a week:

  • 30 Pounds Down Segment:   09/08/12
  • 50 Pounds Down Segment:   12/15/12
  • 70 Pounds Down Segment:   03/23/13
  • 80 Pounds Down Segment:   06/29/13


Here’s to the goal tattoo.

All in all, I figure it’ll be about 15-20+ hours on the table. And a lot of money. But, for an 80 pound total loss, it’s a pretty good motivator. And, I really like the way it turned out.

So, I went out and bought one of the Biggest Loser DVDs.

Totally not money wasted. At all.

Here’s why I love it.

  1. It isn’t a bunch of skinny, pretty, models, running you through the workouts wearing make up and not sweating. They are people who look like me. They are over weight and doing the best they can.
  3. Not everyone keeps tempo.
  4. The trainer doesn’t spout out dumb things all the time. Yes there’s still the odd ball thing said here or there, but I’m not eye rolling the TV every 2 minutes.
  5. The trainer is constantly reassuring you without coming off like they’ve got their head up their ass.
  6. If you can’t follow the person doing the routine to tempo, there are three other speeds going at the same time. Follow the person that is making you work without pushing yourself too far.
  7. The combination of the trainers and the previous Biggest Looser contestants doing these routines, makes it a lot easier to push father and harder than I did before. There is someone bigger than me with sweat dripping off his face, and he’s doing burpees. There’s no reason for me to not do them too. See, I’m the person who, if you give me the out, I’ll take it. If I’m looking at pretty model type people not sweating, “well of course I can’t do all those burpees. Those girls weigh 120 pounds and are all toned and muscular. I’m fat and flabby, I’ll get there eventually, but not today.” Not with Biggest Looser. I’m looking at people having a really hard time, and still doing it.

In short, it’s like you’re following real, regular people. They are sweating, kepping tempo as best they can, and doing their best while struggling through it. You’re not following someone who had a marketable ass (Buns of Steel) and they built a workout routine around said gluteus maximus. (Seriously, she has come out as saying that she had that backside long before she was selling the Buns of Steel videos and the company thought she looked like the right spokesperson.)

That number 7 up there? It’s the biggest reason I’m in love with these DVD’s. It takes away my excuse. And, that makes all the difference for me.


So, I’ve started a few new things. First off, I’ve dropped my calorie intake goals and added a day to my exercise, I was working towards 1580 calories a day, now it’s 1280. I also went from a five days a week work out goal to a 6 days a week workout goal. Last week I had some difficulty sticking to the new calorie goals, but even when I went over, I stayed under the old 1580. So, I’m calling it a win.

I’ve also started this:

  • Calves: 18.4″ from 18.4″
  • Thigh: 27.2″ from 28.1″
  • Hips: 46.8″ from 47.4″
  • Waist: 46.5″ from 47.2″
  • Chest: 39.3″ from 39.5″
  • Bicep: 16.5″ from 16.5″
  • Shoulders: 50.9″ from 51.8”
  • Neck: 15.5″ from 16”
  • Weight: 235.4 from 235.8

Yay’s: I lost a little bit and I started a few new things.

Meh’s: Not a lot of loss, four ounces. Had trouble with my new calorie goals.

  • At least 75% of the time I spend watching TV will be spent on the treadmill. ~ Kind of replaced the treadmill with aerobics. Need to get some balance there.
  • Do not go in a grocery store more than once a week. Even then, if it’s not on the list, I don’t buy it. ~ No, must get better on this one.
  • Work on De-Hoarding our house, get rid of extra clothes, get organized. ~ A forever work in progress.
  • Get up every weekday morning and exercise. ~ Stopped doing this. Will start again this week.
  • Get house “Dinner Party” clean. ~ I get it there, it’s keeping it there that’s the problem.
  • Get a bunch of “Grab and Go” healthy food put together. ~ Not really.
  • Pack lunch the night before, so it’s not a mad dash in the morning. ~ New.

My weight.

The last time I tracked weight on here I was at 230 (not the 220 it says, my scale was optimistic, remember?), so, this is showing ly progress for the last 90 days.

Net Calories Consumed

Here is the calories I consumed in total. Yes, they are all above my calorie goal. This is due to my calorie deficit. Have to eat back what I lose working out, otherwise my body will go into starvation store fat mode. And, some days I just plain went over.

Calories Burned

Here’s the calories I burned working out. A little sporadic, but I’m working on that. I also need to even it out a bit. I am all over the place!