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Well, I’m trying to decide whether or not to delay IP for a while.

These holidays are nothing but stress, and I’ve only gotten past one small one (Thanksgiving) with the biggest still looming (Christmas).

I don’t feel like dealing with everything that comes with the holidays. I just don’t. I’m still lost and I’m still not sure I can ever get over/past what happened last year. The holidays are a time that I find it incredibly difficult to keep up the fake “Everything awesome and I’m doing fine, life is a joy” line. And, not sticking to IP is just causing more stress. Along with making me feel like a failure for not being able to cope with my stress.

I don’t want to stop, but I’m not sure I can handle the added stress right now. Food has always been a comfort thing. Goes back forever.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just do IP for breakfast, lunch and snacks but eat regularly for dinner.


Yesterday and the day before I was sick.

I’m allowing back posting in just this once instance. If I was just too lazy to post that’d be one thing, but in this case I felt too sick to do anything.

I was sick, really sick today.

I’m not even kidding. I crawl in bed, think “I should blog” and then fall right to sleep.


Way to go, me.

Anyway, I’ve been right back to my old tricks. Follow IP all week then blow it on the weekend. I have been getting better though, at least it’s just been Saturday night and Sunday rather than both days.

I also haven’t been logging my foods. I know, know, if I just blogged and logged everyday I would stop cheating.

So, that’s my new goal. Blog and log. Everyday.

Once I do it for 30 days straight, I get to get a small tattoo, or two. Also, about that time, I should be really close to getting the next segment on my nightshade tattoo.

Thanks for listening to me bitch guys. And for putting up with my yo-yo-ing and repeating the same damn habits and complaining about the same results….

Y’all rock. Seriously.

So, I was bad this past weekend. I did great on Thanksgiving. I didn’t cheat at all.

Well, I kinda did. But in the “I had three restricted IP foods that day” not in the “I ate a crap load of bad, sugar and carb loaded foods.

Oh well, pushing forward.

This weekend I’m going to try to play around with some more IP friendly recipes.

And Kale chips and turnip fries. I do love my kale chips and turnip fries.

Anyway. This concludes my cop out fluff post. I’ll try to have a real one tomorrow.

So, Day 6.

I was bad and cheated on my anniversary weekend. But y’all know all about that since it’s one of the few days I actually posted.

Yesterday I followed IP to the letter. Today os shaping up to be the same.

But, I don’t really worry about the weekdays. I don’t have a problem with the weekdays. Just the weekends.

AND, this weekend is going to be bad since there’s a roller derby bout. I always have trouble with derby bouts and eating.


September through October I really didn’t stick to IP. I mean, I kinda did, but I had WAY too many cheat days.

So, after being back from my trip I’m starting over.

I’m going to blog everyday. And, more importantly, log my food everyday.

You can find me on, username HeartlessHarlot, if you’d like to see my food log. And, I really encourage you to take a look. I welcome any suggestions you may have. Please just understand that with Ideal Protein I may not be able to follow your advice if it doesn’t follow IP protocol.

As for blogging, I’ve scheduled a month’s worth of posts already and will go through 6 months over the next week or so. If I don’t actually edit the scheduled posts then it will post at midnight automaticlly with this as the body: THIS POST IS BAD. AND I SHOULD FEEL BAD!!.


Here are my Day One Stats:

IP SW: 235
CW: 229
GW: Healthy looking, maybe, 150ish I have a huge bone structure. Shoulders are broader than my 6′ 200lb, built, hubby’s

Calf: 17.5″
Thigh: 26.7″
Hips: 45.3″
Waist: 45.1″
Chest: 39.7″
Neck 14.9″
Biceps: 16.9″
Shoulder: 49.4″

I do have to say. This is the first time in a long time that my waist has been smaller than my hips. Even though it’s just a fraction of an inch, I’ll take it!

Again, I really love comments. Even if they don’t make sense. So, COMENT Y’ALL! I really am a bit of an attention whore!