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Priorities and Stress

Posted: October 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

So. We’re moving in a few days Not far, just 20 minutes south of where we are now. We bought the house we’ve been living after deciding that we weren’t going to have kids. Small, two bedroom one bath – perfect for us and the dog, right? Well, along comes our child and the house gets super small super fast. So after 7.5 years we finally buy a new house.

Now, add hardly working out all summer and fall (read nothing this last month and maybe two days a week the few months before) and the stress of buying a new house, deciding to rent out our old house, packing and a seven year old that absolutely does not want to move, and I’m in bad shape.

Found a great small gym a mile from the new house.and the guy does cheap personal training focused on strength training. Today, I really, really, really needed to work on packing the house. Hubs and I have been working stupid long hours and extra days and are about 1/3 of the way packed and ready to move in two days.

So what did I do this morning? That’s right, since Ryan had open slots I went in for chest day. And let me tell you, I really, really, really needed that. Man, after a month off of working out, that endorphin and adrenaline spike came right back. Like within 10 minutes of finishing the workout. Man, I feel great! Came home, scarfed a bunch of food (apparently the ravenous also comes back with a quickness too) tossed out a bunch of stuff we’re not moving, pack a bunch of boxes, got dinner rolling, wrote a blog post….

Yay fitness!!

Oh, and here’s my sweat angel to commemorate Ryan trying to kill me today.