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I’m running for the School Board up here. The whole damn upheaval inside me is written over in the Effed Up Blog. Over here, I’m gonna touch on what the hell this is doing to me and the weight loss saga y’all have been kind enough to listen to me whine about.

So. It’s fair to say that I have been eating away my nerves for 30 years. I mean, well, maybe not from the very beginning, but close enough.

After making the decision to run for the Board, and remembering that it’s a borough wide vote, not internal school district family vote, I’ve been having the hardest time with not eating.

I’m serious, I have been picking up and putting down some terrible foods recently. It’s been bad, really bad.

And, let’s be honest, an IP brownie is not the same as a thick, doughy rich chocolate brownie. I mean, it’s a decent compromise for the real thing, but when you want comfort foods, you want the real thing.

Eh. this will all come out in the end, I just have to ignore the 30 years of stress eating and try to soldier on.

This last weekend was bad. I gave in. I had a brownie, mac and cheese, french fries, bread, pancake with real syrup, wine and a bourbon drink. It wasn’t pretty. Like, even a little bit. I knew better, but I had someone talk about how rough running for the Board is going to be and they just went into every fear I had, When the brownie was brought out for desert, I caved. It was really, really good. Baked exactly the way I liked. Not quite baked all the way through with dark chocolate chunks dotted throughout it. I ate it. Then lunch the next day was a burger with fries, dinner was ribs with mac and cheese and the next day’s breakfast was a pancake, eggs and a bit of sausage.

Ug. I’m back at it today, with all sorts of regrets. Hate that I did that, I was about a month away from extending my tattoo. Now it’ll be closer to 6 weeks, maybe two months.

Anyway. I felt so awful after eating the bad foods, I’m hoping I won’t do it again. I was on such a roll too.