IP Fudgecicles

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Ideal Protein, IP, IP Recipe, Updating
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Guys? GUYS!

Go to Jo Ann’s. Buy this. It’s on sale for 40% off right now (at least at my store):


Then take two pudding packets and mix with two cups of unsweetened chocolate almond milk.

Divide between the 8 Popsicle slots, drop in the stick thingies and pop in the freezer.



Best part? 4 of them equal one unrestricted packet!! And yes, the almond milk isn’t really approved. But, a swig out of the carton (don’t judge me, I’m a grown up and can drink out of the jug) is my sweet tooth saving grace!

Also? The unsweetened stuff is not bad on the carb scale:



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