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Just a quickie.

Monday was awesome. Totally stuck with it no probs.

Tuesday was not so good. Saw a change in scale number (in the right direction) and ate a cookie and a few bites of mac and cheese after approved IP dinner. See rant about self sabotage.

Today, shaped up to be disaster. Running late so tossed some milk in container and IP cereal packet in with lunch. Left on the table on way out of the door. Luckily I had a shake and a packet of soy nuts in my desk. And, after I started to get hungry again, I remembered that Miss VonSlain was totally awesome and told me to go to Sam’s and buy a few ginormo jars of pickles for emergency foods. So I went to my stash in my trunk and ate a few of those.

Then, the same awesome Miss VonSlain called me and offered to bring me an extra shake. I love that woman. I really, really do. She’s totally my hero!

So, I figure I’m okay till dinner and I also learned a lesson. Toss some IP foodstuffs in my desk. I’m totally bringing a bunch with me tomorrow!



Recently, there was a post that I wish I hadn’t read on My Fitness Pal. The woman climbed right on up on her high horse and slammed people for their habits. Yes, from what she described these people needed to work on their eating habits. But, who is she to slam them, and how does she know that what they are posting isn’t an improvement already.

Yes, they listed a McDonalds quarter pounder with cheese, med fries and a diet coke for lunch. How do we know that their lunch wasn’t usually two burgers, a large fry and large regular coke? I chose to believe that people are making strides. Hell, even just keeping a food log is a huge step in the right direction.

The other comments that really made me upset was when she talked about people not being on MFP until they had already gotten themselves under control.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my reply. I tend to come off as catty, so I tried really hard, and edited a lot, before actually posting this:

“Not to slam you. But, according to your comments, I have no right being here. Do everyone a favor, if someone’s food log upsets you, don’t look at it. If someone’s comments on your feed makes you nuts because they are repeating the same eating patterns, not losing weight and complaining about it, un-friend them. No one will take offense to those actions. They will take offense to these kinds of remarks.

No one is making you look or read what you don’t want to look at or read. Making a post like this makes those of us who are at the very bitter beginning of learning the correct ways to eat and lose weight feel terrible about the little progress we’ve made. It also sends a pretty clear message, the one I’ve been telling myself no one is really making, that we shouldn’t use sites like this or join a gym, or be in public until we have already made a vast improvement.

It took me a long time to get the courage to ask for help. I am struggling to undo 30 years of terrible eating habits. I stumble and on weeks when I do gain, I do complain. I thank the stars that my friends on MFP look at my food log and and offer useful suggestions or just a word of encouragement to not let a slip up stop me, that one bad week does not make a bad month.

I really wish I hadn’t read this post, because you just re-cemented all my fears and insecurities that no one wants me to be on their “get fit and healthy” sites until I have my eating under control and I’m working out regularly.

Again, please, un-friend and stop looking at the food logs that make you want to write a post like this. We don’t need anymore help in feeling self conscious or unworthy to be here because we are struggling. Our minds and mirrors are enough of a road block.”

Really, how hard is the concept of “If you can’t say anything nice, shut the hell up!”?

Seriously people.

For those not savvy, IP is shorthand for Ideal Protein.

It’s the magical diet into lifestyle change that has done wonders for so many people I know. I’ve watched a friend go from a L/XL to a M in two / three months. I’ve watched a woman at my kiddo’s head-start program, literally become half the person she was 8 months ago.

Today is day one for me.

And I’m already worried. I think I’m gonna have a hard time with the food. I’m not worried about quantity. No, there isn’t a lot of food in the packets, but everything is made with protein powder so it’s really dense and filling. It’s the flavor that worries me. Because EW. And ick. It’s pretty ew and icky. at lease the “eggs” are.

We’ll see. I’m determined to stick with it. I figure I’ll look at weaning a month or so before my birthday. Unless of course I lose super fast. Then I’ll wean when I’ve got about 10ish pounds left.