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Lame Motivational Pics

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, yeah, I’m gonna actually do this.

Whenever I get the hankerin’, I’m gonna post the pics from the “Gettin’ Fit” folder here on my computer.

I know, I know, they’re all lame with those stupid sayings on them, like, “You’re lapping everyone on the couch”, or “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”, and even, “It doesn’t matter if the progress is slow, so long as you reach your goal.”










Posted: April 24, 2012 in Rambling, Updating
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So, while perusing the MyFitnessPal forums, I came across this little gem about plateaus.

Those terrible times in our weight loss journey where we stall out. I know I hit them, and, they suck.

This woman has a clear, concise well written and easy to understand blog post about plateaus and how to deal with them.

Check her out:


Also, I now have a new blog to follow. Well, I wouldfollow if she had updated past October of last year. But, still, a lot of great information on her site that’s worth bookmarking.



Ok, total side note. How in the hell to I get this to stop doing the stupid long link and actually do what I tell the hyperlink to do. You know, instead of that long ugly link, it shows what I typed in the Title line of the hyperlink thing and hides the actual link. I never had this problem with Blogger and it’s the only pet peeve I’ve got with WordPress.  If I told it to say “Totally Awesome Blog Post About Plateaus” instead of the whole url, it did it.

So, the last three weeks have been shameful. Not even kidding guys. It’s downright pathetic.

So, I’mma be bad and not update this week with stats.

Just know I gained 5ish pounds and haven’t worked out. At all. In the last three weeks. I am going to weigh in at TOPS tomorrow, so at least there’s that.

I will say that I have a goal of fitting a dress that I need to lose about a size and a half to be able to wear by mid June. I figure that should be doable in two months. Dropping 10 pounds should do it.

Seriously y’all? Y’all need to be yellin’ at me for being so bad these last few weeks.

Not even kidding guys. Comment, text, whatever anytime I don’t post a weekly update by Tuesday morning.

Shameful, shameful, shameful.


Over all this week was better with the new goals. But, I did have a few too many write off days and went over on my calorie goals, well, here see for yourself:


So, I figured it would take two weeks to get with this new calorie goal, so this week should be dead on. Oh, and Sunday up there. It was my nephew’s birthday party, so I ate pizza and a bit of cake, plus the french toast I made for breakfast….it really adds up, especially when I was just plain lazy and didn’t exercise.


I mean to post this in last week’s stats, but for some reason it didn’t take. It just left an odd little blurb about me starting something new, then, nothing. So, take two.

Also, I started this:

Pounds Found (pounds I’m still packin’)

Pounds Lost

Where they live.

When I was looking at different weight loss / healthy living blogs I cam across someone who was doing this. You buy two glass containers, whatever you want to decorate them, and some of those floral marbles. You drop a marble for every pound you have to lose in the Pounds Found/Left canister. When you lose a pound, you move a marble over to the pounds lost jar.

  • Calves: 18″ from 18.4″
  • Thigh: 27.8″ from 27.2″
  • Hips: 47.2″ from 46.8″
  • Waist: 45.4″ from 46.5″
  • Chest: 39.5″ from 39.3″
  • Bicep: 16.4″ from 16.5″
  • Shoulders: 50.7″ from 50.9”
  • Neck: 15.9″ from 15.5”
  • Weight: —– from 235.4

Yay’s: I lost a bit in inches and got back on track with my new goals.

Meh’s: Not a lot of loss. Had too many write off days. Getting discouraged with my slow/stalling weight loss..

  • At least 75% of the time I spend watching TV will be spent on the treadmill. ~ Kind of replaced the treadmill with aerobics. Need to get some balance there.
  • Do not go in a grocery store more than once a week. Even then, if it’s not on the list, I don’t buy it. ~ No, must get better on this one.
  • Work on De-Hoarding our house, get rid of extra clothes, get organized. ~ A forever work in progress.
  • Get up every weekday morning and exercise. ~ Stopped doing this. Will start again this week.
  • Get house “Dinner Party” clean. ~ I get it there, it’s keeping it there that’s the problem.
  • Get a bunch of “Grab and Go” healthy food put together. ~ Not really.
  • Pack lunch the night before, so it’s not a mad dash in the morning. ~ New.
  • Even out my calorie intake. ~ New.
  • Burn 600 calories a day. ~ New.

My weight.

So, no change since I didn’t weigh in last week. I’ll weigh in this week.

Net Calories Consumed

Here is the calories I consumed in total. I have to get that line a bit more even. I’ve gotten kind of sporadic. It’s a new goal for this week.

Calories Burned

Here’s the calories I burned working out. Totally sporadic, added a number burned each day as a new goal.