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Posted: October 26, 2011 in Rambling, Updating

Like, months over due.

Not gonna lie. I’ve had a really hard time. Like, re-evaluating everything in my life kind of hard time. I mean everything.

I know everyone goes through rough times, but I got hit especially hard in the past few months.

Being so far away from my family does not help. Going home for a visit in August only made things worse. It made me realize how far away I really am and how much it hurt having to leave.

I lost Ash due to him getting hit by a car a few weeks ago. That really hurt, he was only 6 months old.

Phillip has decided that I’m the enemy he can’t be away from. He is fights me about everything and is overly aggressive with me. He is constantly trying to hit or bite me. Then, if I so much as go in another room he has a fit and has to follow me. If Seth tries to give me a break and I actually leave for a while, Phillip screams and cries the entire time I’m gone. It is just easier to have him hang off of me 24/7 than to fight with him or have him pitch fits.

I have been stressed at work, my house is a mess, laundry really needs done, car needs cleaned out….I have a mountain of work I cannot keep up with and am starting to become totally buried by it.

I have been so stressed and having such a hard time I haven’t even been able to get to Derby. One of the very few things that is actually good in my life right now, and the shit storm that has become my life has been pushing that away too.

Now, I laid all that out just so when I say that I did gain weight since my last post on Blogger, everyone can understand why I’m counting it as a victory.

First off, my scale is off. If you’ll remember, I posted that I thought my scale seemed optimistic compared to others. Well, it is. The other scales are right. Mine is off by about 6 pounds. I know this because I joined our local TOPS chapter and they must have their scale properly calibrated.

So, last post, on June 17th, when I said I was 225, I was really 231. Oh well. As of my last weigh in, Saturday before last, I was at 234. So, in the last four months, with all the stress and depression, my weigh never yo-yo’d more than 5 pounds from where I was.

I take that as a victory because when I look at each time I put on significant weight, it was all times of extreme stress. I do have to admit, I’d love to be the person who gets stressed and goes all anorexic. But, alas, I’m the person who breaks out like I’m hitting puberty all over again, gets canker sores all over my gums and eats fried food when totally stressed.

So, that’s my update.

Yay’s: Joined TOPS, didn’t gain a lot of weight, back to losing weight.

Meh’s: Having a hard time dealing with life in general, scale was lying to me.

P.S. Still waiting for magic pill to cause weight to just melt away. Let’s get on that, shall we?



Posted: October 26, 2011 in Misc. Good Stuff, Rambling, Updating


I got me a brand spankin’ new WordPress site for Operation Skiny Bitch.

As much as I love Blogger, I LOVE using WordPress for my not family safe blog. (It’s the one where I post the stuff I find funny that is totally inappropriate).

Anyhoo…..Back to the topic at hand.