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And, bacuase of that I’m only getting a cheat day tomorow if we do an outdoor family outing and I work out.

Oh well, Like a friend and Derby sister said, “One day does not make a week”. I’ll do better next time.

Here are the stats for week 8:

Upper Arms:      16 1/2 ” from 16 3/4″
Chest:                 41″        from 41″       
Waist:                 47 3/4″  from 48 1/2″  I like this one, this is my biggest UG! factor right now!
Hips:                   47″         from 47″
Thighs:               27″         from 27 1/2″

Weight:  224

Yay: Kept on track!!
Meh: Need to work out more.

This weeks goal: WORK OUT MORE!!!


It’s becoming more of a second nature to look at an Ice Cream sandwich or brownie, or french fries, or pie, or whatever, and think “I’m gonna have to run on the treadmill for X if I eat that”.

I think that’s some damn fine progress.


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I might just be setting myself up for failure in this decision, but I’m going to give it a shot.

I decided to give myself a cheat day. Not a full out, eat lots of bad food and consume 3,000+ calories type of cheat day.

I was thinking more a cheat day with limits.

So, here’s my plan.

  • Sunday is my Cheat Day.
    • I’m allowing myself 2,000 calories if I don’t workout.
    • I’m allowing myself 2,200 calories if we do some sort of family outdoor outing (hike, walk, playground ect)
    • I’m allowing myself Unlimited calories IF we do some sort of family outdoor outing AND I do 30 Min of vigorous exercise.

We’ll see how this goes. I think it’ll be good if I can have a day where I can look forward to having those two brownies or eating breakfast at Sourdough Sam’s and not feel guilty about it.

I’ll have to keep close watch to make sure I don’t do more harm with this added cheat day. This could go the other way and all the sudden I’ve given myself permission to just totally give up on this whole fiasco!


7 Week Stats!!

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Well, I’m officially back on track. I’ve been losing weight and I stayed inside my calorie goal all week.

So, here are my stats:

Upper Arms:      16 3/4″ from 16 3/4″
Chest:                 41″       from  41 1/4″

Waist:                 48 1/2″ from  50 1/2″  I like this one, this is my biggest UG! factor right now!
Hips:                   47″       from  47 1/4″
Thighs:               27 1/2″ from  28 1/4″

Weight:  225

Yay: Back on track!!!
Meh: Need to work out more.
This weeks goal: Work out more!!!

But, it’s still not healthy to be really over weight.

I’m not talking about needing to lose 10 pounds for beach season, I’m talking about those like me. Those of us who need to lose 30, 70 (my goal) or more weight. Especially if you’re like me and almost all of the excess body fat is the unhealthy belly kind.

Moreover, I read THIS ARTICLE and a running Joke Seth and I have, stopped being so funny.

See, we have this thing going where “It’s okay to do it to yourself, but don’t do it to your poor, defenceless and unknowing kid(s).” What are we talking about, you ask? Well, mullets, rat tails, tall white socks with sandals and shorts . . . see where I’m going with this?

Well, it would stand to reason, that if you don’t see yourself needing to loose weight, your kids aren’t going to see it either. And yes, while it’s nice to not have your kids thinking you’re fat, it’s not healthy for them to grow up thinking that being severely overweight is okay. It’s not.

I know that this study was very specific and was not a large sampling of our population, but it still made a very valid point. Anyway way you look at it, kids want to be like their parents. Phillip is almost desperate to be like Seth, I see it every day. “Like Dad” “Just like Dad’s” “Same as Dad” are not uncommon phrases to hear when Phillip gets dressed, looks for toys, shows an interest in an activity, or whatever he’s doing or looking to start doing. By the time Phillip would reach the age where he’d realize that being overweight is not healthy, it’s almost be too late.

I don’t want Phillip to have the problems that over weight kids have, so I’ve gone to great lenghts to make sure we all eat a healthy and balanced diet. As well as get a fair amount of exercise everyday. Granted, when you’re 3 years old, running circles in the living room for an hour straight is a fun game and therfore getting active is not a battle with Phillip. However, we could just as easily be laying some very dangerous groundwork for Phillip’s life.

How easy would it be to get him used to coming home, getting dinner and then spending the rest of the night watching TV?

This is another big reason I’m working on losing weight. I don’t want Phillip to think that my weight is healthy. It’s not. I know that, so I’m working on fixing it.

Once again, I’m hanging my head in shame for this post.

However, since I’m all about shaming myself into doing this right, I’ll post my stats.

Since I totally lost it these last two weeks I’m kinda re-starting this weight loss thing. I mean, not totally, I’m still counting the last month, but for rewards and what not, it all starts over.

Notice the tracker above. Yes, that is the shame of going from 7 pounds down to 2 pounds down.

I wasn’t going to update my little tracker thing, but figured I did this to myself, so, I better suck it up like a big girl and own my mistakes.

Anyway, here are my sad stats:

Upper Arms:      16 3/4″ from 16 1/2″
Chest:                 41 1/4″ from 41 1/2″ Not entirely sure how that happened, but I’ll take it!
Waist:                 50 1/2″ from 49″
Hips:                   47 1/4″ from 47″
Thighs:               28 1/4″ from 27 1/2″

Weight:  228

Yay:   Caught myself before I completely fell into my old habits and patterns. That’s progress.
Meh:  Calorie count, working out, and getting back on track.

This weeks goal: Get back on track.

I ALWAYS do this.

I start out great, the first two weeks go by without a hitch.

Then, week three is on shaky ground.

Week four? Forget about it. It might as well get tossed out the window.

I know this time I said it was different, but I’m finding myself falling into the same patterns I have aways fallen into. Start out good then lose it.

So, this week is the reboot of my weight loss. I haven’t totally lost it, just lat the last week and a half get away from me.

I big problem was I got busy and didn’t track what I ate. I always do better if I keep track of what I eat. Something about having to put down three brownies and a milkshake on paper kinda shames me into not eating them.