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A fellow Rollergirl posted this link, and I couldn’t agree with the author more.

Also, Food Rules by Michael Pollan, that she pulled the “rules” on her page from, is an amazing book! I love it!

I just thought I oughtta post this link before I forgot!


Holy Schmoly

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Life got a little crazy there for a while, and sadly it’s not really gonna get any calmer.

But, plus side, I’m in a little quiet period for today and maybe tomorrow. So, I’m gonna post.

Well, I fell off the wagon a few times calorie count wise, but I’ve gotten better about working out, so I’m calling it a draw.

I do have to say, even though it’s going slow, I like seeing the weight come off and my jeans getting a little bigger.

Here are the three week stats:

Upper Arms:      16  1/2″
Chest:                 41 1/2″
Waist:                 49″
Hips:                   47″
Thighs:               27  1/2″

Weight:  223

Yay:   7 pounds down!!!! Got better about working out
Meh:  Still need to improve calorie count and working out.

This weeks goal: Stick to the program. 1700 calories / day workout 5 days a week.

The Weekend

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok, so I know I haven’t posted for quite some time, but I’m back.

I TOTALLY lost it over this last weekend.

The only thing that saved me from totally being a lard-o was the fact we went to the Hot Springs and Phillip had such a good time swimming we swam for three hours. That actually burns a lot of calories! I was really surprised. Even though I wasn’t actively swimming for that time, I was honestly moving for about half of that.

Otherwise, I’m working on doing better. A big problem is that I haven’t been using my slow cooker for dinner, so by the time we get home it’s “What is the quickest” for dinner. Not good, I wind up eating stuff I normally wouldn’t if I had planned out a real dinner.

Say it with me: Bad April / Heartless! Stop being bad!!

Woo-Hoo! I made it a week!


Actually, not quite sure why a week is a big deal. But, it is a nice round number to end on.

Well, let’s re-cap.

I went over my 1,700 calorie limit three times last week.

I had planned on working out 5 days this week and only did on three.

That, combined with the fact I over shot my calorie limit on three days, I’m diverting this weeks reward of A Day To Myself to next week, that is if I follow the program like a good girl.

Since I never did post my starting stats I guess now is a good a time as any to post them.

Remember, I’m losing weight, don’t judge the stats I post, I’m working on them. Plus, having them out in the open for all the world to see will, hopefully, shame me into making sure I stay on top of this.

So, here we go:

Upper Arms:     16 1/2″
Chest:              44 3/4″
Waist:              50 1/2″
Hips:                47 1/2″
Thighs:             27 1/2″

Weight:            228

Yay!: Did ok, no real celebration moments though>
Meh: Could have done better all the way around.

To work on this upcoming week: Calorie limit and working out more.

Remember, if I see you on a somewhat regular basis, don’t be afraid to ask me if I’m behaving myself or if I’m slacking off in this battle!

Day Six

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

There was this huge thing that went down in derby last fall. I won’t go into the whole thing here, no reason to, and Derby girls who were there for it know what I’m referring to. But out of this huge drawn out argument about some requirements a very valid point was made.

Everything eventually boils down to your perception and choices in a certain area.

And that carries over to what you eat. It’s amazing what you find when you start tracking what you eat. And, that whole choices thing really hits you!

Did you know that 5 chicken nuggets or 1 1/2  cups of cooked oatmeal with 1/4 mixed berries or English muffin with egg cheese and Canadian bacon or two chocolate chip oatmeal cookies or one pork sausage patty or two eggs or a HUGE salad with mixed veggies and olive oil and vinegar dressing all come within about 30-50 calories of each other?

I’m serious. Phillip really wanted chicken nuggets last night. I keep a bag in the freezer, cuz, lets face it, sometimes it’s just easier to feed ’em chicken nuggets than to make a full out dinner. I looked at the calorie count thinking I might just eat some too.

210 calories for 5 chicken nuggets. That’s insane!!! I went back and looked at everything else I ate with a smiler calorie count. Yeah, I could have had 5 chicken nuggets, but instead I had a grilled ham and low cal cheese sandwich with a cup of Pacific’s Spicy Black Bean Soup (so good, if you haven’t had that soup, go buy it! It’s in the organic section of Fred Meyer!). And still came in around 210 calories, with a lot more food to show for it.

Of course there’s the other side of the coin too.

The other day I had a handful of cookies and hot chocolate in the afternoon knowing that would kill my calorie count and I’d be eating a salad for dinner.

It’s all about the choices, anyway you look at it.

Day Five

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

While looking at my fb news feed I found this link posted from a fellow Rollergirl.

I think it’s really, really important that people remember that just because you don’t look like good ‘ol Arnie did in his Mr. Universe days, or that model on the front of the latest (or any issue) of Maxxim doesn’t mean you’re not okay.

Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, I’m not talking about being obese and saying you’re big-boned. I’m just saying that I know several rollergirls who don’t fit the ideal athletic mold, but are by no means out of shape. I’m a decent example of that myself. I played soccer for years. Because of that I will never have small legs; they will always be tree trunks. I know I have to lose weight, and I’m working on it. But, I know not to get down on my self because my legs will never be small. It’s just the way I am.

One other thing, there is no such thing as perfect, and the ideal of beauty changes with each generation. I think people forget that.

Day Three

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I most likely won’t be posting everyday. With everything I have going on in my life I just don’t have the time to post everyday. Just giving a heads up.

You know, I read once that it takes 21 days for the very first roots of a habit to get put down, that is also the time frame for any big slip ups. It then takes another two months ( a total of three months) for it to become an actual habit. Same place I read about the “Habit Time Frame” I read that you should set up a reward for each milestone hit; for the first four weeks a reward should be set for the end of each week, and then again after each month for the next two months. If you want, you can set a reward for the remaining nine months, after each quarter is when you would get the reward.

If that at all makes sense to anyone but me, I’ll be surprised. Hopefully, writing out my plan that reflects the above will help clear up my jumbled description.

So, I called 3/4/11 Day One, and this is the plan using that date for the rest of the year:

3/11/11: A day to myself
3/18/11: Some new yarn
3/25/11: Trip out to Chena (sans Kiddo)
4/01/11: Real date night with Seth 
5/01/11: It’s my birthday month (30 years old) I’m just gonna have a big ‘ol party
6/01/11: New wardrobe (or at least some new clothes if I’m still not there yet)
9/01/11: More new yarn
12/1/11: New boots (without having to get rid of a pair of shoes)
3/01/12: ?

So, rewards aside, I really oughtta post about how I did the last few days.

I have a 1,700 calorie limit set. The first day I met it, day two I went over by 49 calories and today, well, I made chocolate chip banana pancakes for breakfast. While that took a big chunk out of my limit, compared to the 200-300 calorie meals I’ve been trying to hit, I’m still on track. Plus, that many carbs and I’m still full after 3 1/2 hours after breakfast. So, no snack and most likely a light and late lunch will balance my count out.