10 Commandments of Getting Fit

So, here it is. What I’ve distilled from years of failed dieting and yo-yo’ing. Please understand that while I’m all about how awesome I’m doing and how great this is going for me, it has taken a long time. As of now, 05/2015, I’m 2.5 years into losing weight and getting fit. I figure 3.5 years by the time I reach goal and sit at maintenance.  But, with the exception of the odd plateau and the times I just needed to go back to non restricted eating for a week or so, I have been consistently losing weight following these 10 Commandments.

  1. Lean Protein and Veggies – As much as I want in a day – Cooked healthy: pan fry ok, deep fry not – steam or roast veggies. No buttering the veggies, maybe maybe hit it with a little salt and pepper and bit of olive oil (remember, not all fats are created equal). Now, and this is the hard part, while I can eat as much as I want in a day, I don’t eat unless I’m actually hungry. It took filling out a very specific form for three months every time I consumed anything to get to where I can identify if I’m actually hungry or just eating to eat.
  2. Carbs – One serving of whole grain based carbs a day – 1 slice whole grain bread (words cannot express my love of Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Grain), brown rice, barley, oatmeal… ect.
    1. If I am working out that day – 2 servings.
    2. Potatoes, sweet potatoes and whole grain noodles are allowed, but no more than one serving once a week.
  3. Fats – 90% from healthy sources: Olive oil, avacado, nuts, unsweetened nut butters (try almond or cashew butter – SO GOOD!) ect. I say 90% because sometimes I just, need, bacon.
  4. Fruit – No more than one serving of whole fruit a day, and it has to be high fiber fruits: berries, apricots, peach ect.
  5. Water and Beverages – I aim for at least half of my body weight in ounces of water a day. Any non water beverage I have, I follow with an equal amount of water. This is on top of the aforementioned water.
  6. Snacks – Protein shake or other high protein/low to no carb drink for two of the three snacks I have in a day. Currently, I’m in love with Body Fortress Whey Isolate in Vanilla Creme and Chocolate protein powder and Isopure Zero Carb drink – I get both in my Amazon Subscribe and Save orders every month. The third snack is some from of lean protein munchies.
  7. Log everything – This is so important. I’m on MyFitnessPal. It’s free. Sign up, search for me (Heartless Harlot) and friend me. The motto was “If I bite it, I write it.”, which was nice and rhyming and all, but really, it’s more anything you consume needs to be logged, so you know, all beverages too – even a swig out of the milk jug. Trust me. Having to put two doughnuts down on paper makes you think twice about eating them.
  8. Activity – 4 to 5 days of actual exercise – I aim for 30-40 minutes of weight training and 10-20 minutes of cardio. DO NOT SHY AWAY FROM WEIGHT TRAINING!!! I cannot hammer that home enough! Seriously. It is magic. Also, if you do decide to weight train, let me know, there is a whole other side to eating once you start weight training.
  9. Goals and Rewards – I set up realistic goals and a maintenance time frame. Then I allow myself a cheat day after a small goal is met and maintained and a cheat weekend after a large goal is met and maintained.
    1. Small Goal: Workout 5 days a week for three weeks, maintain for one week.
    2. Large Goal: Drop a shirt or pants size, maintain for two weeks.
    3. Other rewards are set up at intervals along my weight loss, and can be seen in the “Incentives, Milestones, Mini Goals” page.
  10. Slip ups – They happen. Period. So I had a bad day and ate a doughnut, ice cream and a full sugar soda. Tomorrow I’m right back at it. Someone said – and it was a total eye opener – that giving up because you ate bad one day is like dropping your phone on the ground then going “Oh well, might as well stomp on it till it’s destroyed”. Slip ups are only a problem when they happen more than once every 2.5-3 weeks. When they are reoccurring on a regular schedule, you need to start looking for the reason and addressing it.


AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I AM NOT DIETING! Absolutely not dieting. Why? Because diets have an end date and do nothing to address the problems that caused my weight gain. Plus, with an end date there is this total mind set that once it’s over, I can go back to my old eating habits which means weight gain back and having to start over again with another diet, and the cycle continues.

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.


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